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Bring Lakeside Speech to Your School!

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Speech and Language Screenings

Early diagnosis of speech and language disorders is the most powerful way to reduce or even reverse their impact! However, a recent poll of speech language pathologists and audiologists by ASHA reported significant parental and caregiver delays in identifying children with communication difficulties!


Speech and language screenings are used to determine if further evaluation is necessary and can aid in early detection of communication disorders in preschool and school aged children!

Reach out to learn more about bringing speech and language screenings to your school!

On Campus Therapy Sessions

After school scheduling can be HARD and we get it, which is why we offer therapy sessions on campus during school hours!

Depending on the child's treatment plan and goals, they will participate in an individual or group therapy session at school. We work with school administrators and teachers to find the best time in the child's school schedule for a speech session!

Parents are contacted following each session about how it went, what we worked on, and things to target at home so they are always in the loop!

For more information or to schedule on campus screenings and therapy sessions, contact us!

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